Sunday, March 25, 2012

grandma's rice crispy treats

Remember when you were young and going to family events finding those awesome rice cake squares your aunt made every time. No? Oh, guess that was just me then. I always thought this deliciously sweet gift from god was difficult to make until I actually looked on the side of the Rice Crispy box and found out I was incredibly wrong. Quite possibly the easiest thing to make. Of course that means I had to make them, and let me tell you...they tasted great every time!

Rice Crispy Treats (Marsh-mellow Rice Cakes)

  • 1 10oz bag of normal marsh-mellows
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 6 cups rice crispy cereal (any brand)
  • large pan
  • 9 in cake baking dish - lined with cooking spray
  • 2 small sandwich bag

Melt butter in a large pan on the stove and add the bag marsh-mellows. 

Stir to mix while marsh-mellows are melting.

Once completely melted remove from heat and add rice crispy mix to the pan thoroughly. 

While still warm, carefully scrape the treats into the cake baking dish. (They still might be hot so be careful, the melted marsh-mellow will stick to your hands and if hot enough can burn the heck out of you!)

Place the plastic sandwich bags on your hands to avoid getting sticky, and push the marsh-mellow treats in the pan to spread it out and fill the corners. 

Allow time to let the marsh-mellow harden some and then they are ready to cut into squares or whatever shape to enjoy! 

*TIP: try using cookie cutters to create nice shapes if creating these for your kids or for a holiday*


  1. Thank you,
    this is exactly like my Grandmothers recipe that I have been looking for for a long time. All the other recipes don't seem to have enough butter in them to cut down the sweet and sticky. These are perfect.

    1. thank you! i'm glad you liked them :)